1. dissever; cut off, chop off, lop off, bob, dock, hack off, hew off, slice off, shear off, scissor; cleave, rive, cut in two or apart, split, divide, halve, bisect, bifurcate, Obs. dimidiate; separate, break apart, tear or rip apart, dissect, disjoint, dismember, dislimb, Surg. divulse; partition, subdivide, compart, part, segment, section, quarter.
2. disjoin, dispart, disbond, disunite, disassociate, dissociate, alienate, estrange, split up, divorce, put asunder; disband, break up, disintegrate, fall apart; part, go in separate ways or directions, disperse, scatter, spread out.
3. dissolve, break off, abscind, suspend, discontinue, terminate, stop, end, cease, put an end to; disengage oneself from, pull out of, leave, quit; fall off, dwindle, fade away, Inf. peter out, die out.
4. discriminate between, distinguish between, make a distinction between, see the difference between; dichotomize, categorize, classify, group

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